All Video to Audio Converter 4.3

Take a video clip and quickly update it into a file that is audio only

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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All Video to Audio Converter 4.3
All Video to Audio Converter 2014

All Video to Audio Converter is a Windows application that simplifies audio from video extraction.

If you’ve ever wanted to extract audio from a video file, All Video to Audio Converter provides a streamlined solution. What makes this Windows program efficient is that it takes just one step to extract the audio and convert it into a suitable format, such as MP3.

The user interface is well-organized and fully supports drag and drop. So, while you can add files through the menu system, it’s often easier to drag and drop them. The program has batching support, and there’s no limit to how many files you can add to the batch beyond the practical limits of your system.

All Video to Audio Converter provides a number of options. You can set the output path, the output format, the bitrate in kilobits per second and the frequency in hertz. You can also choose between mono and stereo channels. You can even apply these options on a per-file basis. Highlight a particular file or control-click to select multiple files, and then, change the settings accordingly.

When your batch is configured to your liking, click the Convert button to start the process. All Video to Audio Converter will process the batch in order and extract the audio from each video file. The program supports a wide range of video formats, including AVI, MP4, MPEG and RM. A wide range of audio formats are supported as well, including WMA, MP3 and WAV.

All Video to Audio Converter is fast, stable and reasonably powerful solution to the challenge of extracting audio from video. It isn’t freeware, however, and while that isn’t of itself an issue, it is when you factor in a lack of professional polish. The UI, for instance, still features a Windows XP aesthetic, and you can’t even resize the window, presumably to preserve the layout.

Another issue is that the extraction and conversion is all or nothing. If you process a two-hour movie file, then you’re extracting two hours of audio. That means that you have to splice the section you want either before or after processing, and including that feature would make this program a much more useful solution for the average user.


  • Extract audio from video
  • Many audio and video codecs supported


  • Outdated UI

All Video to Audio Converter is a program that converts various video files to audio files. With numerous programs in free and pay-for models that convert audio files to be used in different media players and on devices, there seems to a lack of programs that isolate audio from a source video and convert it to a usable file type. That common-sense application is what makes All Video to Audio Converter stand out among a collection of seemingly similar programs.


An original program for Windows, All Video to Audio converter isolates and extracts the sound track of any selected video file, and packages it into its own separate audio file to be used independently from its source file. This earns the designation of "converter," as it produces two separate files from one.

Many of the popular video formats are supported, like AVI and MP4. Some of the lesser known file extensions seem to be absent from support in its current iteration. While this may inconvenience some who use 3GP and MKV formats, it will be able to accommodate most Windows users without complication. There is also a preview option made available, so users can inspect the quality of an audio file as it is being extracted and converted. This is especially welcomed when users learn how simple the layout and controls are for executing a conversion. There is little input required to take a file from one file type to the next.

A trial version is available, and it seems to restrict some of the more desired features along with it. Available only in the full version--users can convert several video files to audio simultaneously, allowing the program to work for long stretches without needed input after every file has been converted.

One drawback is the lack of trimming. In the trial version, there is no option for trimming. For individuals constantly editing video and audio from their original formats, the use of trimming is just as crucial as the conversion of the audio itself. Those using the trial version will unfortunately have to find a way to trim the video with the use of another software to cut the video to the section they are seeking prior to file conversion.


The audio files, being a direct extraction, tend to maintain the same quality they did in their original video formats. While different audio types' sounds vary on different devices and media players, and are further manipulated by the speakers and headphones utilized for playback, along with the application of any equalizers and filters, the quality of sound is fairly good. The only way to better the quality of the conversion is to ensure that the best version of the video is being applied to the conversion process.


Intuitive controls that help rather than hinder

Supports a wealth of file types for conversion

Options made available during the conversion process

Previews available during conversion


Trimming must be done in another program prior to conversion

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